Bed and breakfast (BnBs) establishments have been around for as long as commercial accommodation has existed. However, today they are not as popular as modern apartments, hotels and motels. If you are looking for a place to stay, whether short term or long term, you can derive a lot of value from staying in BnBs. Read on to see what these prestigious establishments have to offer.

Home-away-from home feel

When you're staying out, comfort and a sense of belonging are very important traits too look for. Luckily, bed and breakfast properties score very highly in this area. Most BnBs are small compared to hotels and apartment blocks. There is therefore a personal touch whenever services are offered. When you move into a bed and breakfast facility, your presence is noted and you are considered a 'guest' in the traditional sense. Most of these BnBs are also family-owned, which means that quality and family values are passed onto the business. The result is that you get to feel right at home, even if you have travelled from the other end of the globe.

Privacy at its best

Bed and breakfast facilities are also big on privacy. Unlike other commercial options that feature tens of units for rent, BnBs often feature just a handful of units. There are therefore fewer people around to disturb the peace. In addition to that, most units are detached from each other. There is therefore a lot of privacy for customers. You get to enjoy a quiet and serene environment, the perfect spot for getaways, retreats, honeymoons and vacations.

Enjoy all the amenities you need

Although bed and breakfast joints are small and secluded, the same cannot be said of their amenities. Bed and breakfast properties offer all the amenities that you would need for short and long stays. You can expect cable TV, internet, self-contained kitchens, beautiful decor, serene views and close proximity to the best local attractions. You can also find high-end luxury BnB facilities that feature king size beds, roomier spaces, and great locations such as beachfronts. In short, whatever type of accommodation you are looking for, you can find it, and much more, in a bed and breakfast facility.

Next time you're looking for a place to stay, don't let the name fool you. Bed and breakfast facilities are little gems of accommodation and you just have to try them out. You can easily find a BnB in any corner of Australia by searching online or by making an enquiry with your travel company.