Staying at a caravan park is like enjoying the rustic fun of camping but with the safety and comfort of sleeping indoors and not in a tent. It means fun for everyone in the family, as a park might provide cable television hookup for watching movies right next to a playground for the kids. When you're planning on staying at a caravan park like Alpha Accommodation Centre Pty Ltd for the holidays, note a few questions you might want to ask before making your reservation.

1. Is there a discount for extended stays, or other charges?

Many caravan parks will give you a discount for staying a full week versus a few days, or a full month rather than a few weeks, and so on. If you can extend your stay you may find that you save money on every night of your reservation. If you are eligible for such a discount, you might reconsider your plans to stay home the first night of your holiday or leave the caravan park too soon.

Note however that extended stays may mean charges you might not face during a short stay; this might mean a charge for electricity or cable television hookups. No matter the length of your stay, ask about how these charges would be adjusted.

2. Do they have dump stations or are they full hookup?

A dump station refers to an area where you can empty out your tanks from your caravan. Some sites may be full hookup, meaning they have water and sewer lines that hook right to your trailer. A full hookup site may be easier on you since you don't need to fill and empty tanks. Be sure you understand the difference and how to hook up hoses and lines if you choose a full hookup site.

3. Are pets allowed and are there restrictions?

Some parks don't allow any pets, whereas some are very pet-friendly and may have a separate dog walking area. Some may allow cats as long as they stay indoors or are on a leash when outside. No matter the type of pet you have, be sure you ask about restrictions before you bring it with you.

4. How many visitors are allowed?

If you're traveling on holiday to visit family or friends, you may want to ask about any restrictions on bringing them into the park. A caravan park is not like a public park or public swimming pool, and they need to ensure that there is room in their facilities for all their guests. Be sure you note these restrictions so you and your guests are not just tossed out of the park during their visit.