If you are opening a motel, you need to have liability insurance as a minimum to protect you from lawsuits arising out of accidents or injuries that occur on your property. But did you know that there were other essential coverages you will need that go beyond just liability? And not having these coverages can expose you and your motel to great risk and even force you to shut down your business. To ensure that you have the maximum amount of protection, here are some essential insurance policies you need.

Commercial Auto -- Any vehicle used in the normal conduct of your motel business should have a commercial auto policy attached to it. This is especially important if you have a shuttle service that picks up visitors from an airport or another location to bring them to your lodging. A commercial auto policy doesn't just augment a personal auto policy, it replaces it entirely. In many cases, a personal auto policy will not pay out if your insurer discovers that an accident or damage to your vehicle was the result of your use of your vehicle in the course of business. Protect yourself from having to pay a huge out of pocket bill by obtaining a business auto policy.

Employee Theft Insurance -- You need employee theft insurance because you have to protect your motel against unscrupulous workers who decide that it's okay to steal motel supplies, equipment or even money. No matter how vigilant you are in conducting background screen checks and trying to hire the right people, you never know what kind of mindset an employee has during the course of a day. And because you have hired workers who will be cleaning the rooms of patrons, the opportunity for theft is high. Remember, that it's not just your stuff that this policy would cover—it would also pay out if one of your workers stole a customer's jewelry or other valuables.

Crime Insurance -- Although employee theft insurance offers you protection against your own workers, it doesn't cover any crime that is perpetrated by an outsider. For example, if your motel was vandalized, or graffiti was painted on your exterior walls, who would pay to repair the damages? Well, with a crime insurance policy, your motel would be covered in those instances. This insurance would also cover you in the event that one of you motel guests used a fraudulent credit card to pay for his stay. Typically, the credit card company would reverse charges related to a stolen card, which means you would lose that revenue unless you had a crime insurance policy, which would pay out whatever you lost due to fraud.

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