If you regularly travel for work, you'll know how tiring and stressful it can be living out of a suitcase. A serviced apartment can be a great option. Learn about some of the perks you enjoy when you opt for a serviced apartment as a business traveller.

You can cook your own meals

Being able to cook your meals can be quite comforting, particularly if you are travelling to an area with markedly different cuisine to what you usually eat. It's also nice to be able to stay in the apartment while you eat, including being able to lounge around the apartment and eat your breakfast in your pajamas on the weekend. The ability to cook your own meals can ultimately cut down on the costs associated with your business travel, which can be particularly relevant for small businesses.

You have more room to relax

In a hotel room you are often restricted to watching TV on your bed for entertainment, and the desk space is extremely limited. In an apartment you often have a lounge area with a TV and AV equipment, and are more likely to have desk facilities if you need somewhere to wait in between business meetings. You may even be able to have people back to the apartment for entertainment purposes, rather than needing to head out to bars.

You can wash your clothes

Many business travellers know the frustration of needing to wash socks in the hotel bathroom sink! Having the ability to wash, dry and iron your business clothes can be a huge cost and time saving for the business traveller and can help to let you look and feel your best for your important meetings. It also means that your staff do not need to bring as many clothes for their trip, which can be much more convenient.

You have more flexibility

Serviced apartments have larger sizes which offers some flexibility if your business traveller is there on a longer secondment and wants to have their family visit one weekend, or if other team member need to cycle through the area for shorter visits. In some case the apartments may also come with home office facilities, which can be handy for later video conferencing and other working from 'home' requirements.

As you can see staying in a serviced apartment is not just a cost effective option for business travellers, but is also a more comfortable option in many cases. Learn more about these and other advantages by contacting resources like Executive Living.